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Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd (CRP) is seeking a Marine consent from the EPA to mine phosphate nodules from the 10,192 sq. kms of the biodiversity-rich Chatham Rise, out to the east of New Zealand. The effects would be devastating. The scientific advice to the company itself describes the potential impact as “serious.” You can help stop this company from seabed [read more...]

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Banners on the Beach – Say “No” To Deep See Oil

Saturday, 23/11/2013, 12 noon

New Zealand


The Oil Free Seas flotilla is out at the drill site off the coast of Raglan taking a stand against risky exploratory deep sea oil drilling. We can’t leave them to confront Texan oil giant Anadarko alone!

And that’s where YOU come in. This is something that affects us all – so we need to stand together and draw a line in the sand to say “Stop Deep Sea Oil” so loudly that they’ll hear us in Texas!




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An INTRODUCTION to seabed mining globally and in New Zealand. Start here to learn about the west coast ironsands and the impacts of seabed mining.

Submissions open

Chatham Rise - Submissions Due

We only have until the 10th July 2014 to speak out.

Click here to view the presentation on slideshare

Today at 12:26pm

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining shared Ocean Champions's photo.

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Time for a swim? Image via Swell Blog

Monday 07/07/14

The latest seabed mining proposal in NZ is a deep sea one - this wee 5cm high octopus is one of the many creatures that live in the waters of Chatham Rise, where they want to mine phosphate. Submissions due THURSDAY! Please download our form and fill it out (pretty easy) and send to EPA - and SHARE!

URGENT: say no to seabed mining in the deep seas of NZ's Chatham Rise


Wednesday 02/07/14

"We all love the ocean and we don't want to see the ocean degraded and that's what gives us our energy. We'll follow it through to the end."

Mining fight continues


Wednesday 02/07/14

Another article on the upcoming appeal, an appeal that KASM will fight.

Scoop Business » Seabed ironsands miner to appeal resource consent knockback


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