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Chatham Rock Phosphate has applied to the EPA to mine a 5000 square km section of the seabed at a depth of 500m out on the Chatham Rise, off the South Island’s east coast. The EPA is currently hearing the application. KASM has joined forces with Greenpeace and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition to oppose this application. This is the [read more...]

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Banners on the Beach – Say “No” To Deep See Oil

Saturday, 23/11/2013, 12 noon

New Zealand


The Oil Free Seas flotilla is out at the drill site off the coast of Raglan taking a stand against risky exploratory deep sea oil drilling. We can’t leave them to confront Texan oil giant Anadarko alone!

And that’s where YOU come in. This is something that affects us all – so we need to stand together and draw a line in the sand to say “Stop Deep Sea Oil” so loudly that they’ll hear us in Texas!




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Chatham Rise - Submissions Due

We only have until the 10th July 2014 to speak out.

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Today at 3:42am

Hi all here's all the tweeted updates from the Chatham Rock Phosphate seabed mining hearing from the last two days. @KASM_NZ - oh, and a link to our press release from today.

* KASM witness Prof Watling tells EPA the material returned to sea after processing will be like soup: very little will be able to grow in it.

* Watling: many species on Chatham Rise may not be found elsewhere - but not even studied properly yet. Remarkable diversity found here.

* DOC expert Dr Leathwick notes CRP’s seabed mining exclusion areas will deliver lower biodiversity protection than using other approaches.

* Senior US Govt scientist, witness for Crown, Thomas Hourigan, tells EPA hearing coral buried by mining sediment will die within several days - and our press release.

* Hourigan says stony corals are in the area - they can live hundreds of years, and one coral has been aged at over 4000 years.

* Ngai Tahu expert Dr Berkenbusch says insufficient baseline data on benthos and that experiments not done to identify impacts from mining.

* Ngai Tahu benthic expert says returned sediment will be soupy; likely nothing wld settle until it consolidates (will take years or decades)

Protected corals could be wiped out by deep sea mining


Monday 29/09/14

If you like this page then you like the ocean.
If you really like the ocean then you really don't like Deep Sea Oil.
12 noon tomorrow, Hikoi leaves Briitomart, downtown Auckland
let your voice be heard

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining shared Mike Smith's event.

Sunday 28/09/14

Chatham Rock Phosphate in the EPA hearing in Wellington again this morning for seabed mining hearings. Benthic impacts will be discussed this afternoon (benthic = sea life). Will update here on FB - or follow us on twitter.

KASM (@KASM_NZ) | Twitter


Saturday 27/09/14

All part of the same bigger ocean protection picture. Tuesday at midday in Auckland. If you can't make it, please share with some who can.

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining shared Oil Free Auckland's event.

Thursday 25/09/14

Well of course they'll do that. But there are many, many problems with their application.

Chatham Rock distances itself from ironsands project in EPA hearing | The National Business Review


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