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Press Release – KASM, Greenpeace, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition The New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency should refuse an application to mine phosphate from the deep seabed in the Chatham Rise, because of the damage it will cause to the marine environment, and because the EPA hasn’t got enough information to give it the go-ahead, environment groups said today. Three groups, [read more...]

Sunday 23/11/14

Our Government has its head in the sand on its minerals extraction policies and climate change. So on 7th December, from Invercargill to Ahipara, people will be sticking their heads in the sand as a tribute to the Government attitude. Raglan people: anyone who could organise one there? Coal Action Network will help promote it. So much fun and such a good communication. PM us if you're keen - or simply create a facebook event and CANA will add to the list!

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining shared an event.

Wednesday 19/11/14


Phillip Agnew's Photos

With Kristiana Rae Colón and Kenn Williams.

Tuesday 18/11/14

Last day of the hearing today, with the company's closing submissions. We now have to wait until around 18 December to find out the fate of the Chatham Rise. Thank you for all your support and interest around this case. Check out https://twitter.com/kasm_nz for the updates from this week's hearings.

Closing submissions on phosphate mining


Monday 17/11/14

Stuff.co.nz on our closing submission to the EPA hearings on Chatham Rock Phosphate. Closing submission itself is here http://kasm.org.nz/stopsandmining/assets/KASM-GP-DSCC-Closing-subs-final.pdf

Mining 'will destroy' seabed life


Tuesday 11/11/14

EPA is holding hearings into Chatham Rock Phosphate application in the Chathams this week. Moriori Trust says no.

Moriori trust against seabed mining



Banners on the Beach – Say “No” To Deep See Oil

Saturday, 23/11/2013, 12 noon

New Zealand


The Oil Free Seas flotilla is out at the drill site off the coast of Raglan taking a stand against risky exploratory deep sea oil drilling. We can’t leave them to confront Texan oil giant Anadarko alone!

And that’s where YOU come in. This is something that affects us all – so we need to stand together and draw a line in the sand to say “Stop Deep Sea Oil” so loudly that they’ll hear us in Texas!




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