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Phil McCabe updates us on the EPA hearings The first of the committed and courageous submitters sat before the black sand mining hearing and put their point of view across to the EPA’s Decision Making Committee in Hamilton yesterday. By all accounts it was a moving experience for those who have stuck with the process and turned up on the [read more...]

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Banners on the Beach – Say “No” To Deep See Oil

Saturday, 23/11/2013, 12 noon

New Zealand


The Oil Free Seas flotilla is out at the drill site off the coast of Raglan taking a stand against risky exploratory deep sea oil drilling. We can’t leave them to confront Texan oil giant Anadarko alone!

And that’s where YOU come in. This is something that affects us all – so we need to stand together and draw a line in the sand to say “Stop Deep Sea Oil” so loudly that they’ll hear us in Texas!




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Taranaki Megafauna Hotspot

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Tuesday 15/04/14

Greg Ljubownikow, Duncan Currie and Sebastian Walter have this week made a massive contribution on KASM's behalf in getting our concerns heard in front of the EPA hearing committee.
Stellar job Gentlemen!
Thank you from all of us for sharing your expertise, time and energy!

Monday 14/04/14

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining shared Linda Robinson's event.

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining shared Linda Robinson's event.

Saturday 12/04/14

Can we make it to 8000 likes? Invite a few friends to like the KASM web page!

Thursday 10/04/14

Good pieces on RNZ's Morning Report today. Sequoia continues to be a star! Text story below. Audio for full report here http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/2592252
And audio for Te Manu Korihi News (at 1.39)

Mining bid 'could open flood gate'


Thursday 10/04/14

"What if the mining is much worse than everyone thinks and harms creatures that are important to keep the ocean alive? What if the mining upsets things and they never get better again?” Sequoia, aged 12, from Raglan, tells the EPA today. Read our full Press release here http://bit.ly/PTnxlv

KASM in the News
  • Stuff.co.nz | 04/02/2014

    Serious questions over the impact of seabed mining off South Taranaki are being raised by the Taranaki Regional Council. Its submission to the Environmental Protection Authority on Trans Tasman Resources’ (TTR) consent application said it does not believe the economic benefits of the mining outweigh the risks. The council said it was not opposing the application, but wants more information [read more...]

  • 3 NEWS | 04/02/2014

    The Noble Bob Douglas (Photo: Greenpeace) US oil giant Anadarko says it has not found enough oil in the Taranaki Basin to be commercially viable and will now plug the well. The Romney 1 well off the Raglan coast reached its target depth of 4619m, and was found to be water-bearing. “Though the well, drilled by the state-of-the-art drillship Noble Bob Douglas [read more...]

  • Voxy.co.nz | 04/02/2014

    Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui said today a raft of lingering concerns about the effects of iron sand mining had left the iwi with no choice but to oppose an application by Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) to mine iron sands along the South Taranaki coast. Chairman Haimona Maruera said despite studying the proposal in great detail Ngati Ruanui were left with [read more...]

  • They’re some of the planet’s most elusive creatures – but they’re taking a tour of NZ right now. Rare blue whales have been spotted off the coast of the North Island by NIWA scientists. The whales, the world’s largest animal remain one of the planet’s most elusive creatures. They were intensively hunted in the Southern Hemisphere during the whaling era, [read more...]