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Hey there Ocean Lovers! After a few years in hiding, the wonderful crew at Sound Splash is putting on another awesome Music Festival in Raglan next month. And because the festival is right next to one of the most beautiful blacksand beaches in the whole wide world, we’re gonna be there talking about why it’s so important to stop seabed [read more…]

Monday 11/07/16

Woo hoo! Great example of how a lot of ordinary people can get together and achieve good things. Well done Bung The Bore - Save Ashburton's Water.

Bung The Bore - Save Ashburton's Water

Wednesday 06/07/16

In Namibia, they're campaigning against seabed mining. They're also surfing ;-)

World Surf League

Friday 01/07/16

Imagine 45 million tonnes of seabed mining tailings being released every year for 20 years into the marine environment just up stream from this beautiful reef.
Not a pretty thought huh.
KASM will be fighting the company that plans to do that and we'll need your help.
Stay tuned ...
Great work A South Taranaki Reef Life Project!

A South Taranaki Reef Life Project

Saturday 25/06/16

Experimental Seabed Mining - Coming to a Coastline Near YOU! (If we don't stop it!)


Experimental Seabed Mining - Coming to a Coastline Near YOU!


Tuesday 21/06/16

KASM AGM tonight 5:30pm, Raglan Town Hall Supper Room.
We'll perform the necessary business of an AGM then have discussion as to what is going on now and how we are preparing for the next significant battle, which is just around the corner and what concerned community members can do to make a difference.
Come along if you're interested.
(Flashback photo from March 2012 silent march in Raglan to confront mining company executive)

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Banners on the Beach – Say “No” To Deep See Oil

Saturday, 23/11/2013, 12 noon

New Zealand


The Oil Free Seas flotilla is out at the drill site off the coast of Raglan taking a stand against risky exploratory deep sea oil drilling. We can’t leave them to confront Texan oil giant Anadarko alone!

And that’s where YOU come in. This is something that affects us all – so we need to stand together and draw a line in the sand to say “Stop Deep Sea Oil” so loudly that they’ll hear us in Texas!




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KASM in the News
  • Waikato Times | 27/01/2015

    Sand ‘masterpieces’ mark Raglan victory They were a small core group of New Zealanders that took a stand against a large mining company and won, and for their efforts they put on a celebration that incorporated the sea, the sand and the people. Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM) held its inaugural sand sculpture competition on Kopua beach in Raglan yesterday [read more…]

  • Scoop | 15/12/2014

    Anti-seabed mining campaigners and a South Taranaki iwi say a decision to finally scuttle a massive ironsand mining operation is a “victory for common sense”. Last week, Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) dropped its attempt to reverse the Environmental Protection Authority’s decision to decline consent to extract 50 million tonnes of sediment per year, across 65.76 square kilometres. Te Runanga Ngati Ruanui [read more…]

  • Scoop | 18/06/2014

    Slap Down to Seabed Mining proposal “Victory for common sense” – KASM The EPA’s decision to decline a proposal to mine black sand from the seabed of the South Taranaki Bight was heralded today by New Zealand’s only NGO focusing solely on the issue, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining. “This decision is a victory for common sense and environmental protection, for [read more…]

  • The Independent | 20/05/2014

       Strip mining and vacuum mining   The last great unexplored wilderness on Earth is about to experience industrial-scale mining that could change the face of the pristine seabed of the deep ocean for generations to come, scientists have warned. Access to the mineral deposits and rare-earth metals that are known to exist on the sea bed has never been [read more…]