What is KASM?

In 2004, as the Labour Government’s Foreshore and Seabed legislation first came into being, a wave of prospecting permits were issued to several companies hoping to exploit the ironsand reserves in the west coast seabed.

The town of Raglan was the first to react, due to a unique relationship between Iwi and the local community. Experienced ocean folk, including surfers and fishermen and women, immediately recognised the threat to the entire west coast posed by the scale of potential mining operations.

They were stunned at the lack of regulation or standards surrounding these proposals, and realised that it would be up to them to protect their own backyard. KASM grew as a response to that wave.

KASM is a vehicle to help coastal residents to learn about any current and future proposals, and to illustrate the deep public opposition to these type of operations.

We are an incorporated society, with a subscriber base from right across the country.While most members are committed to a range of different causes, KASM has a solitary focus – proposals to mine the foreshore and seabed of New Zealand.

The West Coast Ironsands is the largest in a range of targets for industry, but it is by no means the only one. Sand is daily being extracted in vast quantities in a number of coastal sites across the country, for use in concrete, abrasives and glass; and as a source of gold and other minerals.

Our watchlist of cases includes any instances of sand or minerals taken from the NZ foreshore and seabed. Our goal is that New Zealanders understand what is happening around them, that they may make properly informed decisions on environmental matters that affect these unique, and much loved marine and coastal environments.

Mission Statement

KASM are a spontaneous community-based action group, who strongly oppose any non-essential seabed mining.

Our objectives are to raise public awareness of current proposals to mine the New Zealand seabed and coastline, educate and inform the public as to the consequences of those proposals, and ensure that current and future governments stop considering these and any future 
seabed mining operations.

In so doing, we intend to protect and preserve these unique areas of coastline for future generations to enjoy.

We are a non-political, non-profit organisation, funded by membership subscriptions and donations, whose opinions reflect wider public sentiment.