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EPA seabed mining hearing laws undermining democracy

Scoop | 08/04/2014

Rules around the EPA’s decision-making process on the country’s first seabed mining application under the new Exclusive Economic Zone Act are undemocratic and make it nearly impossible for adequate public input, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM) said today. Echoing the sentiments expressed by the Environment Defence Society this morning, KASM Chairperson Phil McCabe said the entire process appears to have been set [read more…]

Author questions company’s right to mine seabed | 08/04/2014

Trans-Tasman Resources has no right to mine 50 million tonnes of seabed material every year off the North Island’s west coast, according to children’s author Tui Allen. Allen, whose 2011 novel, Ripple, about dolphins was selected for the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair, told an Environment Protection Agency hearing in Hamilton on Monday that humanity did not own the ocean. “It [read more…]

Whenuakura joins mining protest

Whenuakura Marae has joined the 11 marae in South Taranaki opposing ironsand mining off the Patea coast. Whenuakura Marae is one of 12 Nga Rauru Kiitahi marae in South Taranaki opposing ironsand mining off the Patea coast. The marae sits on the boundary of Nga Rauru Kiitahi and Ngati Ruanui and affiliates to both iwi. Trans Tasman Resources (TTR) has [read more…]

Iron sands mining hearing: a quick glance at the concerns

NZ Herald | 14/03/2014

Thousands of submissions have been made against a company’s application to mine an area of Taranaki seabed. Jamie Morton looked at who is worried about what.  The Japanese-owned bulk iron sand carrier the Taharoa Express anchored off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Fishing industry giants Sanford and Talley’s Group are among thousands of opponents to a [read more…]

Plea for reasoned mining debate | 13/03/2014

OPINION: NZ should have a mature debate on mining, writes Chris Baker, the chief executive of Straterra, the NZ industry group representing the minerals sector. Phil McCabe, of Kiwis Against Seabed Mining, trivialises the offshore ironsands mining issue as an “either-or” debate (Strip-mining or marine life? It’s time to draw a line in the black sand, March 11). Environmentally responsible development, [read more…]

Call for delay in iron sands mining application

NZ Herald | 11/03/2014

  Iron sand sampling off the coast of Patea on the New Zealand Diving and Salvage Ltd MV Island Leader II for Trans-Tasman Resources An environmental group has today asked for hearings on a company’s iron sands mining application to be adjourned over what it claims was a lack of evidence made available for submitters. Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM), [read more…]

Seabed battle begins | 10/03/2014

A “precedent-setting” hearing beginning today will decide the fate of a plan to mine ironsand off the coast of Taranaki. The gloves will be off at the marine consent hearing into Trans-Tasman Resources’ (TTR) application for the project, before the Environmental Protection Authority. The hearing is expected to continue until early May. Those fighting to stop the project have cited [read more…]

Govt urged to take precautionary approach to seabed mining | 09/03/2014

Seabed ironsand mining is a controversial activity with risks that New Zealanders don’t want to take, Green Party oceans spokesperson Gareth Hughes said today. An Environmental Protection Authority hearing begins tomorrow to consider an application by Trans Tasman Resources to mine iron ore from the seabed off the west coast of the North Island. Of the the 4700 public submissions [read more…]

Scientists call for tougher treaty to protect the deep ocean

Sci Dev Net | 28/02/2014

A new international agreement is needed to police the exploitation of the deep ocean because of the rising threats of deep-sea mining and bottom trawling for fish, say scientists. Speakers at a symposium this month (16 February) urged the UN to negotiate a new treaty for the deep ocean to supplement the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. The symposium took place at the annual meeting of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) in Chicago, United States. “This is an [read more…]

Seabed mining hearing in March | 24/02/2014

A landmark seabed mining hearing set down for next month could finally draw a line in the sand over the controversial practice. Trans Tasman Resources (TTR) will face off against thousands of submitters who oppose their plan to extract iron sand from the sea floor, offshore of Patea. The hearing held by the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) decision-making committee is [read more…]