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Our pristine ocean environments, surf breaks, fisheries and all marine species are under serious threat!

Learn of proposals to mine the seabed for iron sands on the west coast and the potential effects in terms of environment, economy and culture.

The entire seabed of the west coast from Whanganui to Cape Reinga is up for grabs as our government is encouraging and supporting large corporations and their seabed mining initiatives.

The benefits to local communities and our national economy are very doubtful while the environmental effects could be devastating for our coastlines and the species that inhabit our waters.

This is experimental mining on a huge scale and there is little scientific evidence of the predicted effects of these practices and no guarantee that it is safe for our beloved marine environment.

The first and precedent setting application to actually begin mining is expected from TTR in South Taranaki later this year.

Please join us at a one of two public meetings – New Plymouth and Hawera to share information, ask questions and find out how you can participate in the process.

Does it make good financial sense for NZ? NO! A measly 1 to 5% of the value of the resource 'may' see its way to NZ coffers. The rest goes overseas. Marine species will likely become extinct, the fisheries industry risks collapse and surf breaks will likely be altered forever.