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Trans Tasman Resources’ unreasonable request


From Phil McCabe  Wannabe seabed mining company, Trans Tasman Resources (TTR), has laid out its proposal for a massive, first-of-its-kind in the world mine – on the seabed of the South Taranaki Bight (STB) off the coast of Patea.  Their proposal quite simply asks too much of the coastal residents most likely to feel the effects of this proposed offshore [read more…]

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Reporting from the seabed mining hearing in Wellington


From Phil McCabe at the hearings in Wellington   First up, I want to say a heartfelt Thank You! It’s Sunday night and I’m on a plane back to Wellington for the second week of the month-long hearing of the seabed mining application by Trans Tasman Resources (TTR) to mine 65sqkm, off the coast of Patea in South Taranaki. The [read more…]

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Press release: KASM challenges seabed mining secrecy in Environment Court today


Today, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM), with the support of Ngāti Ruanui and Talleys Fisheries Group, will be asking the Environment Court to rule that seabed mining company Trans Tasman Resources (TTR), make public all of the information in its application to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to mine the seabed in the South Taranaki Bight. The hundreds of pages of [read more…]

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On Foreign Ownership


A corporation is owned by its shareholders and, as a group, they potentially possess a great amount of control over corporate operations. When KASM describes seabed mining company Trans Tasman Resources (TTR) as “95% foreign owned,” we refer to the the share distribution by country. In fact, if you ever had a look at the share distribution for TTR on [read more…]

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How you can help us stop seabed mining


Seabed mining company Trans Tasman Resources has now applied to the EPA to mine 50 million tonnes a year for 20 years in 66sqkm of the seabed in the South Taranaki Bight.  The EPA has looked at the application, declared it complete, and has now notified it to the public. We have until 14 October to get as many people [read more…]

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KASM’s speaking tour!


Next week we’re expecting the opening of the public submission period for the latest bid to mine our precious black sand off the seabed – in the South Taranaki Bight. The company, Trans Tasman Resources, is coming back for a second attempt to mine 50 million tonnes of sand a year off the seabed in the South Taranaki Bight – for [read more…]

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KASM Video Booth – We Love The Ocean


At SoundSplash 2016 and Maui’s Dolphin Day 2016 we got people into the KASM video booth, and here’s what they had to say about our oceans and seabed mining. Our chairman Phil McCabe talks at the end about what you can do to help stop seabed mining.  Click here to donate.

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Tuesday 28/03/17

KASM is also unhappy at the decision by the EPA to extend the hearings by two months (trebling the length of the original hearing timetable to 31 May) to allow the seabed mining company TTR to provide information that should have been provided when they lodged their application back in September.
This benefits only the company and burdens the submitters.
It's been a shambolic hearing process indeed.

Hearing schedule into iron ore mining extended angering a Taranaki iwi

Tuesday 28/03/17

KASM fundraising Movie Night at Solscape Raglan this Wednesday night.
First up is 'Groundswell' by Chris Malloy followed by the NZ Premiere of 'Island Earth' by Cyrus Sutton, which looks at the different sides of GE testing and intensive pesticide use on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.
Film proceeds go to KASM.
Vegan Curry available from 6pm.

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Monday 20/03/17

Are you? We definitely are. Stay tuned this week for updates from the seabed mining hearing. Phil is giving the KASM submission today.

Higher Perspective

Sunday 12/03/17

Latest footage from the South Taranaki Reef Life Project taken this weekend at the study reef 11km off the coast of Patea midway between shore and the proposed seabed mining site.
Quite a few fish ...

A South Taranaki Reef Life Project

Saturday 11/03/17

Decision Makers were told, point blank, that the seabed mining proposal in South Taranaki is completely unacceptable in the eyes, hearts and minds of local people.
A full cross section of community and Iwi representatives delivered the unequivocal message.

Fish stocks and high emotion at seabed mining hearing - National - NZ Herald News