Seabed mining company Trans Tasman Resources has now applied to the EPA to mine 50 million tonnes a year for 20 years in 66sqkm of the seabed in the South Taranaki Bight. 

The EPA has looked at the application, declared it complete, and has now notified it to the public. We have until 14 October to get as many people opposing this project as possible.  Last time this company tried – and failed – to get approval for its destructive operation, a record 4800 people opposed it. Just eight were in support. We need to show the EPA that our opposition has grown. screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-13-35-pm

How can you help? 

  • Make your voice heard – make a submission – we’ve done the hard work for you – just fill out the form here and click send. If you want to read up on the whole application (and we’re sure some of you will), you can find the full application here on the EPA website. There, you can download their submission form, and make a much more detailed submission.  If you want to speak at the hearings, be sure to say so (tick the box). 
  • Click here to download and print out our leaflet.  It’s an A5 leaflet – put two copies in the photocopier, same way up, set on automatic, then copy double sided.  Then get it out in your local community, shops, cafes, give it to your friends, family, workmates, everyone! 
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  • DONATE.  We are pulling together the best legal team we can, with the best experts.  We need to pay them!  Click here to donate. Got any rich friends?  Tell them about this important issue and ask them to make a bigger donation.  They can email us on info@kasm.org.nz