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KASM’s speaking tour!


Next week we’re expecting the opening of the public submission period for the latest bid to mine our precious black sand off the seabed – in the South Taranaki Bight. The company, Trans Tasman Resources, is coming back for a second attempt to mine 50 million tonnes of sand a year off the seabed in the South Taranaki Bight – for [read more…]

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KASM Video Booth – We Love The Ocean


At SoundSplash 2016 and Maui’s Dolphin Day 2016 we got people into the KASM video booth, and here’s what they had to say about our oceans and seabed mining. Our chairman Phil McCabe talks at the end about what you can do to help stop seabed mining.  Click here to donate.

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Press release: Coastal communities vow to fight seabed mining – again


Coastal communities are preparing to fight a new application to mine the seabed, lodged with the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining said today. Trans Tasman Resources (TTR), whose 2013 bid to mine ironsands from the seabed in the South Taranaki Bight was turned down by the EPA in 2014, is making another attempt to get a marine licence, [read more…]

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Here We Go Again


Tena Koutou,   I write this sitting at an ocean lookout. The rising sun hits my back and a light southeasterly rustles the flax beside me while the clean lines of a building swell march from the horizon and peel along the boulder headland.   Surfers pull up to the lookout, some local, some from surrounding towns and cities and [read more…]

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KASM at Sound Splash


Hey there Ocean Lovers! After a few years in hiding, the wonderful crew at Sound Splash is putting on another awesome Music Festival in Raglan next month. And because the festival is right next to one of the most beautiful blacksand beaches in the whole wide world, we’re gonna be there talking about why it’s so important to stop seabed [read more…]

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Help us call for a time out on seabed mining! Taihoa!


Kia ora koutou As I write this from Raglan I am looking out to sea on a stunning blue skies day with not a breath of wind and glassy conditions as far as the eye can see! Breathtaking! We New Zealanders live with the ocean in our hearts and we know the value and importance of protecting her from the [read more…]

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Let’s Rethink This Whole Seabed Mining Thing


Well it’s been a while since we posted anything here but I assure we’ve remained busy. You’ve probably heard that the second seabed mining application to mine for minerals in New Zealands’ waters was denied a few weeks ago just as the first one was denied in June. Yaaaay!! What is significant is that our current government and the Labour [read more…]

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EPA must refuse phosphate mining application: our final submission


Press Release – KASM, Greenpeace, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition The New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency should refuse an application to mine phosphate from the deep seabed in the Chatham Rise, because of the damage it will cause to the marine environment, and because the EPA hasn’t got enough information to give it the go-ahead, environment groups said today. Three groups, [read more…]

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EPA should reject seabed mining application say environment groups


Press release from KASM, Greenpeace and The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition. Evidence submitted so far to the EPA’s hearing on a deep sea phosphate mining proposal for the Chatham Rise shows the proposal should be rejected for a number of very concerning reasons, environmental groups said today. Chatham Rock Phosphate wants to mine phosphate off the seabed, 450m deep on [read more…]

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Thursday 22/06/17

Ever wondered what's going on in the seabed mining space internationally?
This is one of the better articles we've seen describing the slow motion oceanic train wreck that's approaching.

Why are countries laying claim to the deep-sea floor? - BBC News

Thursday 22/06/17

We were in Wellington today speaking to MP's about our call for a Moratorium on Seabed Mining until we have better science and engage in a meaningful national discussion on the issue.
Here's a good clip from Maori Television.

Seabed mining petition goes to select committee

Thursday 22/06/17

Phil McCabe and our lawyer Duncan Currie are in Wellington today, about to speak to the Parliamentary Select Committee for Local Government and Environment about our 6000-signature petition for a moratorium on seabed mining. Here's his latest blog.

A moratorium on seabed mining is the only way forward

Wednesday 21/06/17

In Wellington to speak to a parliamentary select committee tomorrow about the need for a moratorium on seabed mining in NZ.
Was a privilege today to see the award winning South Taranaki Reef Life Project share their work with another select committee today.
An inspiring collaboration between recreational divers, high school students, marine scientists and community members studying a reef near the proposed seabed mining site off the coast of Patea and documenting the incredibly diverse life that exists there.
It's a successful and replicable model that has loads of benefits including helping us to understand the true value of our marine environment.
Congratulations Team and let's roll this out nationwide!

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Friday 16/06/17

It's not just us - the blue whales in the South Taranaki Bight are also waiting for the EPA to decide whether their future will include dealing with seabed mining. The EPA has now delayed the decision another month: D Day is 27 July. (credit: Oregon State University)

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