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Press release: Coastal communities vow to fight seabed mining – again


Coastal communities are preparing to fight a new application to mine the seabed, lodged with the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining said today. Trans Tasman Resources (TTR), whose 2013 bid to mine ironsands from the seabed in the South Taranaki Bight was turned down by the EPA in 2014, is making another attempt to get a marine licence, [read more…]

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Here We Go Again


Tena Koutou,   I write this sitting at an ocean lookout. The rising sun hits my back and a light southeasterly rustles the flax beside me while the clean lines of a building swell march from the horizon and peel along the boulder headland.   Surfers pull up to the lookout, some local, some from surrounding towns and cities and [read more…]

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KASM at Sound Splash


Hey there Ocean Lovers! After a few years in hiding, the wonderful crew at Sound Splash is putting on another awesome Music Festival in Raglan next month. And because the festival is right next to one of the most beautiful blacksand beaches in the whole wide world, we’re gonna be there talking about why it’s so important to stop seabed [read more…]

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Help us call for a time out on seabed mining! Taihoa!


Kia ora koutou As I write this from Raglan I am looking out to sea on a stunning blue skies day with not a breath of wind and glassy conditions as far as the eye can see! Breathtaking! We New Zealanders live with the ocean in our hearts and we know the value and importance of protecting her from the [read more…]

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Let’s Rethink This Whole Seabed Mining Thing


Well it’s been a while since we posted anything here but I assure we’ve remained busy. You’ve probably heard that the second seabed mining application to mine for minerals in New Zealands’ waters was denied a few weeks ago just as the first one was denied in June. Yaaaay!! What is significant is that our current government and the Labour [read more…]

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EPA must refuse phosphate mining application: our final submission


Press Release – KASM, Greenpeace, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition The New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency should refuse an application to mine phosphate from the deep seabed in the Chatham Rise, because of the damage it will cause to the marine environment, and because the EPA hasn’t got enough information to give it the go-ahead, environment groups said today. Three groups, [read more…]

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EPA should reject seabed mining application say environment groups


Press release from KASM, Greenpeace and The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition. Evidence submitted so far to the EPA’s hearing on a deep sea phosphate mining proposal for the Chatham Rise shows the proposal should be rejected for a number of very concerning reasons, environmental groups said today. Chatham Rock Phosphate wants to mine phosphate off the seabed, 450m deep on [read more…]

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Chatham Rise seabed mining hearing: the absence of evidence…


The phosphate on the seabed, 450m down on the Chatham Rise, has a particular quality that other phosphate doesn’t have:  uranium. The toxicity of this uranium was the focus of yesterday’s seabed mining hearing, and the evidence from a range of experts hasn’t filled us with confidence. KASM, Greenpeace and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition had two witnesses on the [read more…]

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Wednesday 10/05/17

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Mother's Day Raglan Foodie Raffle

Saturday 29/04/17

Editorial: Extension to seabed mining hearing shows TTR has failed to prove its case ...
"And even with new information, will the authority members be able to say, hand on heart, that the life-supporting capacity of the environment will be safeguarded, and that adverse effects can be avoided, remedied or mitigated? I doubt it."

Editorial: Seabed mining application: Has anything changed? - Opinion - Wanganui Chronicle News

Friday 28/04/17

The CEO of Trans Tasman Resources, Alan Eggars, has deliberately lied to a journalist here, claiming that the blue whale evidence Dr Leigh Torres presented to the EPA had been proven wrong or was outdated. Both are incorrect - indeed, unlike his company, she actually did some real research on whales in the Bight. How can we - or the EPA - trust this man?

Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) is confident its second attempt at obtaining Environmental Protection Authority approval for subsea mining will be rewarded

Tuesday 25/04/17

This article does a good job of outlining our latest concerns with the EPA hearing process that we are still working through.

Seabed mining hearings process labeled 'flawed' after more info sought

Monday 24/04/17

The EPA appears to be doing everything it can to get this case over the line. We think it's gone off the rails. Listen to Phil on Morning Report. For the detail, read our press release . Please share.

Mining opponents call hearings process 'biased'