By Athol Steward 

My name is Athol Steward, committed to the preservation of our abundant and beautiful ocean…

Like many thousands of environmentally conscious New Zealanders I spoke up against TTRL’s seabed mining application, in my submission, to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), expressing a clear NO!

Astonishingly, this year, the EPA weakened by commercial and political pressure, approved TTR’s 2016 application to scour the seabed approving a massive under water open cast mine covering 65 square kilometres, extracting 50 million tons each year for 35 years.

Athol Steward and his team: walking the west coast to raise funds for KASM.
Athol Steward and his team: walking the west coast to raise funds for KASM.

For me, this was a call for action, to advocate for the environment and act to stop seabed mining.

The time for talking is over, it’s time to take action to reverse the EPA’s decision. Approval of this mine opens the door to a mine near you, specifically in the concession area anywhere from Muriwai to Whanganui.

I’ve made a decision to do a 400km coastal walk to raise funds and awareness, from Raglan to Whanganui to help fund KASM’s High Court appeal against the EPA.

The two-week campaign starts in Raglan on Saturday October 28th, finishing in Whanganui on Sunday 12th 2017. In addition to fundraising, the goals are to promote our beautiful marine environment and raise awareness about the perils of seabed mining.

The plan is to walk as many beaches as possible, averaging 30km each day swimming rivers and harbours like Kawhia and Aotea as we go – adventure with a purpose. My eldest son Lloyd will join in for the first week and my youngest, Jonathan, for the second

Aim: Fund target $10,000. Please donate to my ‘Givealittle’ page.  All funds raised will go directly to KASM’s High Court appeal

Kia kaha, Athol

Stay in touch for the journey:

Facebook event page 


Do your bit and join us

  • Join in the beach activities at overnight stops, see the walk itinerary below for details. Get a sponsor for your sand sculpture or drawing.
  • Fly a kite on the beach for our arrival

Itinerary:   Raglan to Whanganui

Friday 27th October

Arrive Raglan.  

Day 1 Saturday 28th October

Raglan to Kawhia. Start walk Ngarunui beach, 9-11.30 am sand sculptures and drawings of whales and dolphins or fly a kite!

Walk via Whale Bay, Te To to Kawhia

Day 2 Sunday 29th October

Kawhia to Marakopa. Start walk with escorted swim across Kawhia inlet at 6am to Te Maika settlement, proceed to Marakopa. Beach actives 4-6pm sand sculptures and drawings of sharks, skates and rays

Day 3 Monday 30th October

Marakopa to Waikawau

Day 4 Tuesday 31st October

Waikawau to Mokau, beach activities 4-6pm sand sculptures and drawings crabs, crays and shellfish

Day 5 Wednesday 1st November

Mokau to Tongapurutu, beach activites 4-6pm

Day 6 Thursday 2nd November

Tongapurutu to Urenui, beach activities 4-6pm

Day 7 Friday 3rd November

Urenui to New Plymouth Port, beach activities 4-6pm sand sculptures and drawings dolphins and whales or fly a colourful kite

 Day 8 Saturday 4th November

 KASM Hikoi 1pm Bell Block to New Plymouth, then Okato

Day 9 Sunday 5th November 

Okato to Cape Egmont light house – activities 4-6pm

Day10 Monday 6th November

Cape Egmont to Opunake, beach activities 4-6pm

Day 11 Tuesday 7th November

Opunake to Kaupokonui beach camp, beach activities 4-6pm

Day 12 Wednesday 8th November

Kaupokonui to Manutahi. Hawera Beach activities 4-6pm sand sculptures and drawings of seabirds or fly a colourful kite

Day 13 Thursday 9th November

Manutahi to Patea, Mana Bay beach protest gathering and beach activities 4-6pm sand sculptures and drawings – sharks, skates and rays- or fly a colourful kite

Day 14 Friday 10th November

Patea to Waipipi. Beach activities 4-6pm sand sculptures and drawings of fish or fly a colourful kite

 Day 15 Saturday 11th November

Waipipi to Waiinu beach. Beach activities 4-6pm

 Day 16 Sunday 12th November

Big walk, gathering of as many walkers as possible – Ototoko to Whanganui. Gather on Ototoko beach at 9am for the walk to Castlecliff beach, or Kai Iwi at 12 noon, or Longbeach at 2pm. The walk finishes on Castlecliff beach at 3pm with beach a beach protest and activities activities for those gathered.

Each day walk start time 7am. However, times of arrival and departures are subject to weather conditions and tides.

See you there!