A selection of links to published material on seabed mining both in NZ and overseas.


Ocean floors hide mineral treasure trove

An extensive story on potential mining of undersea volcanic vents in the Kermadec Trench off White Island.

NZ Herald | Artcile


Seabed mining divides traditional owners

A very good news piece by the ABC on manganese mining from the seabed in The Northern Territory.

ABC News | Video


The unplumbed riches of the deep

This piece in The Economist, is called “The Unplumbed Riches of the Deep”. Sound scary? It is! Read on.

The Economist | Article


Mining in New Zealand

We made it on to Wikipedia’s summary of Mining in New Zealand

Wikipedia | Article


Experimental seabed mining exploration comes to Fiji

There’s stuff going on in Fiji

PNG Mine Watch | Blog Article


Economics of seabed mining don’t add up for Pacific island

A good piece about the business of Seabed Mining for Pacific economies.

Scoop | Article


Prospector seeks seabed mining licence

Neptune minerals looking for gold 200km north of NZ | Article


Australian Greens Leader demands inquiry into seabed mining

Australian concern for the Nautilus PNG proposals | Article


Dreading Namibia’s phosphate dredge

An article on proposed phosphate mining in Namibia

The Namibian | Article


Namibian fishing industry concerned about Sandpiper seabed mining

A good piece about the Namibian fishing industry’s response to proposals to mine Phosphate from their waters

PNG Mine Watch | Blog Article


Seabed Technology

A little bit about seabed mining types and technology

International Seabed Authority | pdf